There are different types of car tracking units:

Know the difference to find the best tracking system for your vehicle

There are different types of car tracking units for different goals. For the most part, the tracking and recovering of stolen vehicles are performed on two communication platforms: radio frequency (RF) tracking and a combination of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

When purchasing a vehicle tracking system, a small tracking device is installed in your car that can receive signals and transmit responses to a central control centre through a combination of RF and GPS tracking technologies. This device is usually linked to your car’s power but is also equipped with its own battery in case it is disconnected from the car’s battery. This means your car tracking unit will keep transmitting its location for at least eight hours.

The combination of these technologies is extremely effective as the GPS tracking provides timeous data while the RF system will keep transmitting its location even if it is taken indoors or underground. There is no place to hide for thieves if a car has the correct vehicle tracking system installed.

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