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While purchasing a car tracking unit won’t guarantee that your car or motorbike won’t get stolen, it does improve the chances of retrieving a stolen vehicle by a massive margin.


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Product Activation of Distress signal Web / Mobile Features & Benefits
Option 1 Wireless Panic Yes Driving Behaviour Alerts
Early Warning Features
Convenience Feature Alerts
Signal Jamming Resist
Option 2 Phone In Yes Driving Behaviour Alerts
Convenience Feature Alerts
Signal Jamming Resist
Wireless Panic Button - Optional
Option 3 Phone In Yes Signal Jamming Resist
Largest Private Air and Ground Recovery Teams
Wireless Panic Button - Optional
Option 4 Phone In No Affordable
Reduced Fitment Time
Why get a car tracking unit?

Why get a car tracking unit?

The top 3 benefits of installing a car tracking unit

  • When you install a reliable car tracking unit, your insurance risk profile improves resulting in lower monthly car insurance premiums.
  • Considering the rate of car theft in South Africa, you’ll have peace of mind once you’ve installed a car tracking unit.
  • The companies we source quotes from offer a wide variety of additional benefits for their customers, allowing you to get more while you save!

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