If you’re on the look-out to get your vehicle’s recovery needs taken care of without the hassle, Beame is just the solution for you! Beame uses the latest in smart wireless technology, making it easy to hide without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty. Powered by Beame’s national network, our specialised recovery agents will help recover your stolen vehicle and bring it back safely to you.

Maintaining one of the industry’s highest stolen vehicle recovery rates, its compact size and quick installation time, means Beame is suited to recover almost any vehicle type.

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What our clients have to say:

"Great service; the best and quickest service I have ever used. I will always use and advise others to use as well."
- Susan de Beer

"Peace of mind is priceless, I think this service is worth using, and at such a low price, it is really amazing!"
- Thulani Ntombi

"I manage a fleet of cars, and the savings made by simply comparing quotes are amazing, it makes business sense."
- Max Wilson