Save on insurance and fuel with business fleet tracking

Business fleet tracking and Management units can offer you more than security, especially when it comes to businesses with one vehicle or a whole fleet.

By tracking your business fleet, you will not only increase your chances to relocate any stolen vehicle (as well as the stock on the vehicle), you will also know exactly where your vehicle travels each day.

You can monitor your vehicles’ fuel consumption, receive reports on abnormal fuel usage to combat fraud and use the fleet tracking data to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet. Fleet tracking has helped many businesses to lower their fuel costs and you could do the same.

Other benefits that fleet tracking hold include improved security and safety of your fleet, your staff and your stock; automated maintenance alerts; improved productivity; and better time management of your drivers.

Business Fleet Tracking Management

Our cloud-based Fleet Management option works from any desktop or smart device, providing you with all the essential information for running a cost-effective and productive small to medium-sized fleet.

Business Fleet Tracking Features

  • Driver Behaviour Motoring & Rating
  • Impact Detection for Employee Safety
  • Zone Management
  • Job Scheduling & Work Item Module
  • Maintenance & Fuel Cost Management

Business Fleet Management Services

  • All Fleet Tracking Features
  • Dashboards
  • Driver Compliance Management
  • Alarm & Alert Management
  • Extensive Automated Reports
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • CO2 Usage Reports
  • Violation Reports

Optional Extras

  • Wireless Add-ons
    • Early Warning Theft Alert with Auto-arm Proximity Tag
    • Driver ID
    • Door, Temperature, Pressure & Input Sensors
  • Fleet Camera Solutions
  • Advanced Fleet Intelligent Services
    • Control Centre Monitoring Services
    • Data Intelligence Analytics
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • Automated Dispatch Scheduling & Route Optimisation System
    • Display Screen with Navigation & Maps
    • Dynamic Work Scheduling with Route & Sequence Optimisation
    • Pre-start Checklist with Sign-on Glass

What our clients have to say:

"Great service; the best and quickest service I have ever used. I will always use and advise others to use as well."
- Susan de Beer

"Peace of mind is priceless, I think this service is worth using, and at such a low price, it is really amazing!"
- Thulani Ntombi

"I manage a fleet of cars, and the savings made by simply comparing quotes are amazing, it makes business sense."
- Max Wilson