Netstar is a trusted brand and pioneered the vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery industry in South Africa.

Since pioneering the stolen vehicle tracking & recovery industry in 1994, they have continuously provided innovative, affordable products and services in the interest of protecting your vehicles and family.

They provide industry-leading stolen vehicle recovery services, advanced vehicle and fleet tracking, great fleet management solutions for all-sized business and commercial fleets, commanding insurance telematics solutions and best-in-class bureau services – in fact, no IoT solution is out of their reach.

Netstar’s legendary vehicle tracking & recovery service gives you the ultimate in peace of mind, no matter which product you choose.

What our clients have to say:

"Great service; the best and quickest service I have ever used. I will always use and advise others to use as well."
- Susan de Beer

"Peace of mind is priceless, I think this service is worth using, and at such a low price, it is really amazing!"
- Thulani Ntombi

"I manage a fleet of cars, and the savings made by simply comparing quotes are amazing, it makes business sense."
- Max Wilson