Altech Netstar was the first company to offer stolen car tracking and recovery services in South Africa, 23 years ago. Back then it used its proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) technology, before developing the first car tracking unit and radio transmitter/receiver network in the region.

They pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of advancements when it comes to car tracking and was awarded as the best company in Altech at the prestigious Altron Awards in 2014.

Altech Netstar’s products range is locally designed and its systems have stood the test of time. They offer basic phone-in SVR systems, advanced fleet management solutions, and vehicle asset tracking devices with GPS/GPRS functionality.

They have more than 600,000 vehicles under its protection in Southern Africa and provides a comprehensive private recovery service and infrastructure. Altech Netstar has recovered more than 75,000 stolen and hijacked vehicles.

What our clients have to say:

"Great service; the best and quickest service I have ever used. I will always use and advise others to use as well."

"Peace of mind is priceless, I think this service is worth using, and at such a low price, it is really amazing!"

"I manage a fleet of cars, and the savings made by simply comparing quotes are amazing, it makes business sense."